Portals – Online Event – 27-31 December 2020

Featuring: Eleanor Lawler (IRL) Rae Goodwin (USA), Maria Norrman (SWE), Quilla Constance (UK), Franics Fay (IRL), Katherine Nolan (IRL) John Freeman (USA) Day Magee (IRL) Karolina Adamczak (IRL) and Daley Rangi (AU).

Curated by: Katherine Nolan and Francis Fay.

Livestock invites you to pass through Portals, an on-line event of performance art to camera. Shared via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

It seems like we are existing betwixt and between a past that is clearly gone and a future that is still uncertain. The current crisis is likely to prolong this undecided state for many of us. While frustrating at times, this in-betweenness also has potential as a moment in which we can imagine change. As Bill Bridges has written in Transitions, “We need not feel defensive about this apparently unproductive time-out at turning points in our lives … In the apparently aimless activity of our time alone, we are doing important inner business.”

This event presents responses from Irish and International artists that seek to reimagine the Covid moment as a portal to something new. They will be screened on-line to lead us out of 2020 and into the new year that awaits.

Portals Poster 2020