Livestock: Viral - Interlooping - El Putnam

LIVESTOCK: Viral – Interlooping – El Putnam

Presented Online on 22 May 2021.

Artist: El Putnam.

Curated by: Dr. Katherine Nolan and Francis Fay.

In Association with: Bealtaine Festival.

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The last in this series of three live streamed performance art events with leading artists Olivia Hassett, Day Magee and El Putnam, exploring the vulnerability of the human body as part of an ecology both human and animal.

The pandemic puts a focus on the body, highlighting our frailties, forcing us to question our assumptions about who and what is vulnerable. With social distancing as the new norm we are propelled to create new forms of intimacy, social relations and endurance.

Interlooping is a shared aesthetic encounter which reveals the relationship of the performing human with technology, the non-human, and our collective being. It treats fragility, not as weakness, but as an instigator for connection to others. El Incorporates wool refuse accumulated during the disruption of the international wool trade, in Ireland, due to COVID-19.

About the Artist

EL Putnam is an artist-philosopher writer working predominately in performance art and digital technologies. Her work focuses on borders and entanglements of gesture, particularly the interplay of the corporeal with the machinic. Through her artistic practice, EL explores hidden histories and emotional experiences, testing the limits of their un- representability. EL actively presents artworks, performances, and organizes events in Ireland and the United States. She is member of the Mobius Artists Group (Boston). Originally from the US, she currently lectures in Digital Media at Huston School of Film and Digital Media, NUI Galway.

LIVESTOCK: Viral – Curated and produced by Francis Fay & Dr. Katherine Nolan presented in partnership with Bealtaine Festival 2021.

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