Dublin Live Art Festival 2017

Dublin Live Art Festival 2017 at The Complex – 17-20 August 2017

Curated by: Dublin Live Art Festival & Livestock

Featuring: Robert Hesp, Johanna Zwaig, Gareth Cutter, Reverend Billy, Martin O’Brien, Rhiannon Amstrong, Umama Hamido, Livestock

Dublin Live Art Festival 2017 – Come Together will take place in The Complex, Dublin 7, 17-20 August

Following our focus on diversity in last years DLAF, in 2017 Dublin Live Art Festival will focus on ideas of unity and the commonalities we share through our exciting programme – Come Together. DLAF17 will invite artists who are connected through subject, vision and context along with artists whose practice crosses over into mainstream media, entertainment and culture presenting exciting and stimulating visual, sonic and embodied performance experiences to a new Dublin audience.

In Dublin Live Art Festival 2017 we will continue to bring artists whose work had never been shown in Ireland and expand our programme with artists from different cultures and backgrounds, giving our audience an opportunity to engage with these diverse voices and bodies. In 2017 we will continue to show new work and attract new audiences through our public exhibitions and varied programme.

Since its inception in 2012, DLAF has partnered with LIVESTOCK a Dublin based performance platform “who bring their own unique addition and cultural value by providing a valuable firsthand experience of live performance art.” LIVESTOCK provides a platform for both emerging and more established performance artists to access audiences, facilitating them in developing their work and finding further opportunities for their practice. As the only remaining regular platform for live performance art in Dublin, Dublin Live Art Festival 2017 is delighted to continue strengthening our special relationship with LIVESTOCK , helping to bring fresh Irish live art to the fore.

DLAF invests in the future of live art by hosting seminar events and performance-based workshops allowing participants to engage in the art-form as practicioners, documenters and writers. We feel this is hugely important for the art-form and will continue to focus on documenting and creating a language around this vibrant art form by facilitating these vital workshops.