Mayhem 2016

Mayhem at The Complex – 27 May 2016

Curated by: Deidre Morrissey

Featuring: Áine O Hara, A.G.E.G, Suzi Combs, Sarah Diviney and Clodagh Dermody, Roisin Hacket, Day Magee, Bryan Gerard Duffy, Deirdre Robb, Katrina Sheena Smyth, Cristoff Gillen, Sinead Curran

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What goes up must come down! Infamous for his tongue pose, Albert Einstein’s final papers on General Relativity and thus, his findings on Gravity were published in 1916. In the same year, Dadism rejects with “tongue and cheek” the events of World War I.

Whilst embracing these attributes, Duffy’s work juxtaposes the General Election campaign of 2016 in their attempts to find the next Government via a Hung Dáil. Who truly represents the people in this headless state?  The video displays a series of images of all the Taoiseach of Ireland since the construction of the state; where politics, pain and discomfort meets comedy.

The recurring symbolism of the mouth image in Duffy’s work is formed on the premise “…to speak… is to starve” Gilles Deleuze, where according to Jacques Lacan “language is the basic social institution in the sense that all others presuppose language”